Lighting Design / Lighting Systems Consultant

SteveGDesign provides entertainment lighting design, for live events, theater, dance and educational theater.  

IGN E3 Live Conference Web Shoot

  We recently lit the IGN E3 Microsoft, EA Games, Ubisoft, Sony, and Nintendo Conference Live Stream News Show.  This was an incredible opportunity and we really hit the ball out of the park on this one.  Working closely with the Director of Photography Nick Scarpino, and the Scenic Designer Matt Scarpino, of Sets Unlimited, we were given the mandate to create a CNN news room looking show in the middle of this really beautiful old theater, The Variety Arts Theater, in downtown Los Angeles.  We used 48 Color Blast TR's, and 8 Vari-lite VLX's to light the architecture of the theater to help to create different color combinations that helped to establish a unique look for each corporations conference post show.  See some shots below of our work.