Lighting Design / Lighting Systems Consultant

SteveGDesign provides entertainment lighting design, for live events, theater, dance and educational theater.  

Legally Blonde at PV High School

We are happy to share some photos from our recent educational theater production of Legally Blonde.  The production was produced by Palos Verdes High School and directed by Nicole Thompson.  The lighting design was provided by our Lead Designer, Steve Giltner.  He collaborated with Sets Unlimited Lead Designer Matt Scarpino and Projection Designer Nick Van Houten.  This is the largest educational production we have done to date for the Palos Verdes High School Theatre Department.  We utilized 6 VL2500 moving lights along with a typical ETC Source four conventional lighting rig to design a truly colorful and dynamic show. Working closely with Nick Van Houten during tech week, we combined both projections and lighting into a single design.  During the tech of this show we married two ETC Ion consoles together to program both lighting and projection elements simultaneously, then merged the two show lists to create one list that worked both projection and lighting cues off the same go button.  We had done this approach in the past with our production of Tommy with great success, however this time around it resulted in a much more dynamic and beautifully cued show.  As always, we strive to push all our educational shows to a higher quality of production so that the students involved can experience a professional quality of show in their own space. For more examples of our educational theatre work please see our education page.