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SteveGDesign provides entertainment lighting design, for live events, theater, dance and educational theater.  

Let Your Light Shine! The LHS Gala 2013 with Special Guest Davis Gaines

  It took us way too long to get these images up, however they are finally here.  We are very proud of the work we did this year on Lutheran High School of Orange County's Gala.  The Gala had two acts, the first showcasing their highly dynamic performing arts programs of music, choir, and modern dance, and ending with a full set from the renowned Davis Gaines.  The theme this year was right up our alley, Let Your Light Shine, and we ran with it.  We collaborated with the very talented Nick Van Houten, and developed an entertainment package that included a 6 foot by 32 foot LED low res screen. Nick provided a harmonious video design that went hand in hand with our lighting design, which helped create overall a simple but dynamic design.  The short ultra wide surface hung at two different heights during the show, a higher trim for the first half and a much lower trim for Davis Gaines set.  This created a very interesting negative space around the screen to establish a much larger more explosive space for the first half and a more intimate space for the second half.  The rest of the design implemented six VL3000 spots, six VL2500 spots, and 12 Mac Aura LED wash moving heads.  We worked closely with Nick to create a rich and colorful show, striving to maintain predetermined color themes for each song throughout both sets to complement the overall themes of the music throughout the show.  We hope you like the pictures, we certainly do.