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SteveGDesign provides entertainment lighting design, for live events, theater, dance and educational theater.  

LHS Gala 2012 with special guest Take 6

Never Neverland Jazz quartet, LHS Gala 2012

    This is one of the looks from the Lutheran High School of Orange's Gala 2012 with Special Guest Take 6.  SteveGDesign provided the lighting design for the live event.  We had a rig with 9 VL 3000's, 8 VL2500, 9 Clay Paky Sharpys, 24 Chauvet Colorado Tri-tour LED Pars, and 24 Slim Par Pro Tri-color LED Pars.  The producers wanted to have the ability to make the theater look more intimate, so we worked closely with the set coordinator and came up with a plan that included a rental of 6 mesh panels from Sew What.  This allowed us to make the space look smaller by using the panels as a color medium, instead of using a cyc.  The mesh panels created a three dimensional surface that absorbed color beautifully, making the set much more dynamic to look at. Each panel had 3 Chauvet Slim pars focused onto it, 2 on the bottom and 1 on top. We were able to use intensity and color to help to make the space large for big numbers and small for the more intimate numbers, as you can see from the picture to the left, Never Never Land, one of the more intimate numbers.  This event gave us the chance to use the Clay Paky Sharpy, which really made the show stand out.  The light is very fast and defined, it really helped us to create some great beam architecture along side the VL 3000s.  I used them in the pictured number on the left to help make the lead singer look like she was flying, in this jazz rendition of Never Never Land.  This turned out to be a great concert, and to have the experience to light Take 6, the most Grammy Nominated Singing Group, was amazing.  I hope you love the pictures below, and I will try to get some more up soon.