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SteveGDesign provides entertainment lighting design, for live events, theater, dance and educational theater.  

IGN Live Stream of Comic Con 2014

We recently had the opportunity to provide the lighting design for IGN Live at Comic Con 2014. Our own Steve Giltner designed the lighting, working with Matt Scarpino of Sets Unlimited, who designed the set for the shoot.  Matt had the idea to make the IGN News desk look like it was exploding out of the pages of a comic book.  Using a specially made gobo that we designed to look like a "Ka-Pow" symbol along with a ton of Chroma-Q Color Force 12 LED lights we made the concept come alive. The set took light beautifully and we were made some amazing looks developed around the themes of the various segments that were shot throughout the week.  We have attached some screen shots of some of those looks.  We hope you enjoy viewing the looks as much as we enjoyed making them.  

Oklahoma OK!

On August 9, 2014 we opened Oklahoma, presented by the Torrance Theatre Company at the James Armstrong Theatre in Torrance California.  Designed by our own Steve Giltner, we are really happy with how stunning the show turned out to be.  This show is a lighting designer's dream, lots of beautiful time of day lighting, and tons of sky to light.  If you are interested in tickets or would like more information go to The show runs through August 23, 2014. Check out our gallery above for more photos from tech week.   

IGN E3 Live Conference Web Shoot

  We recently lit the IGN E3 Microsoft, EA Games, Ubisoft, Sony, and Nintendo Conference Live Stream News Show.  This was an incredible opportunity and we really hit the ball out of the park on this one.  Working closely with the Director of Photography Nick Scarpino, and the Scenic Designer Matt Scarpino, of Sets Unlimited, we were given the mandate to create a CNN news room looking show in the middle of this really beautiful old theater, The Variety Arts Theater, in downtown Los Angeles.  We used 48 Color Blast TR's, and 8 Vari-lite VLX's to light the architecture of the theater to help to create different color combinations that helped to establish a unique look for each corporations conference post show.  See some shots below of our work.  

The Gala of the Stars!

Recently, we were hired to provide event and production lighting for Concordia University's Gala of the Stars. Working closely with Pfinix Creative Group, who provided the scenic and total event design, we developed a dynamic design approach that allowed us to create a visually striking event. Scenic Designer Chris Tornow of Pfinix Creative Group gave us the latitude to bring his monochromatic, sculptural set to life with color and texture, transforming it for every moment of the night, from formal dinner to live auction to dazzling show. The night was an overwhelming success for both Concordia and for us. Here are a few shots from the Gala of the Stars. 

Let Your Light Shine! The LHS Gala 2013 with Special Guest Davis Gaines

  It took us way too long to get these images up, however they are finally here.  We are very proud of the work we did this year on Lutheran High School of Orange County's Gala.  The Gala had two acts, the first showcasing their highly dynamic performing arts programs of music, choir, and modern dance, and ending with a full set from the renowned Davis Gaines.  The theme this year was right up our alley, Let Your Light Shine, and we ran with it.  We collaborated with the very talented Nick Van Houten, and developed an entertainment package that included a 6 foot by 32 foot LED low res screen. Nick provided a harmonious video design that went hand in hand with our lighting design, which helped create overall a simple but dynamic design.  The short ultra wide surface hung at two different heights during the show, a higher trim for the first half and a much lower trim for Davis Gaines set.  This created a very interesting negative space around the screen to establish a much larger more explosive space for the first half and a more intimate space for the second half.  The rest of the design implemented six VL3000 spots, six VL2500 spots, and 12 Mac Aura LED wash moving heads.  We worked closely with Nick to create a rich and colorful show, striving to maintain predetermined color themes for each song throughout both sets to complement the overall themes of the music throughout the show.  We hope you like the pictures, we certainly do.  

Legally Blonde at PV High School

We are happy to share some photos from our recent educational theater production of Legally Blonde.  The production was produced by Palos Verdes High School and directed by Nicole Thompson.  The lighting design was provided by our Lead Designer, Steve Giltner.  He collaborated with Sets Unlimited Lead Designer Matt Scarpino and Projection Designer Nick Van Houten.  This is the largest educational production we have done to date for the Palos Verdes High School Theatre Department.  We utilized 6 VL2500 moving lights along with a typical ETC Source four conventional lighting rig to design a truly colorful and dynamic show. Working closely with Nick Van Houten during tech week, we combined both projections and lighting into a single design.  During the tech of this show we married two ETC Ion consoles together to program both lighting and projection elements simultaneously, then merged the two show lists to create one list that worked both projection and lighting cues off the same go button.  We had done this approach in the past with our production of Tommy with great success, however this time around it resulted in a much more dynamic and beautifully cued show.  As always, we strive to push all our educational shows to a higher quality of production so that the students involved can experience a professional quality of show in their own space. For more examples of our educational theatre work please see our education page.

LHS Gala 2012 with special guest Take 6

Never Neverland Jazz quartet, LHS Gala 2012

    This is one of the looks from the Lutheran High School of Orange's Gala 2012 with Special Guest Take 6.  SteveGDesign provided the lighting design for the live event.  We had a rig with 9 VL 3000's, 8 VL2500, 9 Clay Paky Sharpys, 24 Chauvet Colorado Tri-tour LED Pars, and 24 Slim Par Pro Tri-color LED Pars.  The producers wanted to have the ability to make the theater look more intimate, so we worked closely with the set coordinator and came up with a plan that included a rental of 6 mesh panels from Sew What.  This allowed us to make the space look smaller by using the panels as a color medium, instead of using a cyc.  The mesh panels created a three dimensional surface that absorbed color beautifully, making the set much more dynamic to look at. Each panel had 3 Chauvet Slim pars focused onto it, 2 on the bottom and 1 on top. We were able to use intensity and color to help to make the space large for big numbers and small for the more intimate numbers, as you can see from the picture to the left, Never Never Land, one of the more intimate numbers.  This event gave us the chance to use the Clay Paky Sharpy, which really made the show stand out.  The light is very fast and defined, it really helped us to create some great beam architecture along side the VL 3000s.  I used them in the pictured number on the left to help make the lead singer look like she was flying, in this jazz rendition of Never Never Land.  This turned out to be a great concert, and to have the experience to light Take 6, the most Grammy Nominated Singing Group, was amazing.  I hope you love the pictures below, and I will try to get some more up soon.

Highlights from 2011

   We had a great year in 2011, really pushing the envelope with technology in our projects.  Two of our Live Events, HitRecord's Fall Formal and OLHS Gala 2011 went off with a out a hitch.  We were very happy with being able to create the feel of large format shows with out breaking the bank.  The Fall Formal was a variety show, with multiple acts show casing the work that the production company publishes throughout the year. Using video, music, and written word the event is encourages its audience to record the show so that more content can be added to their website and reconditioned into new material for their future events.  We had to work with balancing what the eye could see and what video could record.  It was awesome, and needless to say we got some great shots.  OLHS puts on their yearly Gala at the Nechita Center for the Performing Arts every year, and 2011 was the first year we were involved.  It is a showcase that helps to show the patrons of their school the level of talent that it produces every year and with the help of Oleta Adams as their main event; along with all the wonderful and talents students that perform, it really rocked this year.  The end product on both looked really good and we were very proud to be apart of such great shows.  

We also helped Torrance Theater Company do some ground breaking work this year.  We helped to establish the lighting systems in their new downtown Torrance theater space, The 1316 Theatr.  As well as lighting the first show Over the River and Through the Woods.  We managed to do all of the installation in two days and helped to get them a polished look that not most store front theaters have.  This helped them to get the City of Torrance to back them in the venture and 2012 will be their first season in that space.  On top of all that we lit their 2011 Summer musical Chicago at the James Armstrong Theater in Torrance California.  It was directed by Kari Hayter, the sets were designed and built by MattScarpinoDesign.  We worked closely with both the Set Designer and the Director, and with the integration of LED lighting we achieved a really colorful and beautiful show.  The show was well received by the critics and we are proud to say that it was a huge success for Torrance Theater Company and SteveGDesign.

ur Educational Theater clients this year had some great productions. Just to feature a couple, we did Urinetown at Palos Verdes High School and Evita at Malibu High School.  Both were great successes.  Urinetown was the first educational show for us to integrate LED lighting, we rented 16 Chauvet Colorado Tri-tour LED pars.  I was very leery about using Chauvet equipment in place of a more recognized lighting company such as ETC, but I was really impressed with this line of lighting equipment.  It is not as versitile as ETC's Selador with color, however it is a solid instrument.  I was very happy with the light quality, plus because of its tri-color LED source the color that is mixed is the color you see from source to floor. With other LED pars you don't get that because it is individual LED's mixing which create a rainbow effect. With the hurdle of having to see the source of light in most of the educational spaces we work in due to the low grids in these theaters, it is a great light to use. It blends well with conventional lighting, so that the focus is not pulled away from what is important, the students showcasing their talents for their parents and friends.  Evita at Malibu was the first time we worked with an up and coming designer, Nick Van Houten.  He is really talented and we worked together with the set designer Matt Scarpino and the Director Jodi Plaia to create an awesome show which was done with projections being the primary focus to the scenery.  It is the first time that MattScarpinoDesign and SteveGDesign integrated projections on this scale for a educational program.  It looked amazing and we could not have done it with out the expertise brought in by Nick Van Houten.  

Over all a really successful year, and we are looking to push the envelope even more in 2012 with balancing a beautiful and polished look without breaking our clients budgets.  

Meet the Lead Designer

Steve Giltner: Lead Designer for SteveGDesign

Steve Giltner: Lead Designer for SteveGDesign

Steve Giltner, Lead Lighting Designer for STEVEGDESIGN, has been working as a lighting designer in and around the Southern California area for the past 10 years. His extensive experience in theater and excellent training from CSU, Fullerton, one of the top theater schools in Southern California, have made him extremely versatile in his field. As a designer he excels in maintaining a balance between the artistic and technical sides of design, providing shows with a professional and polished look. He is excited by the opportunities that his line of work provides him and is always eager to take on new roles.